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1) Timing is very important – Timing as in ‘on time’. No matter what they state, there is no such thing as ‘fashionably late’. For the first date, this can provide the man jitters and make him think that you’ve stood him up. For the later dates, having him await you in the sitting room for half an hour with either your roommate, your sister or, worse, your dad is not something you want him to do – whether it be for the humiliating stories or Daddy’s ‘eyes of doom’.

Dress like you’re out to have fun and not to pick up, think funky hats, badges, and ‘unusual’ clothing items, Jamiroqui has an awesome fashion sense, avoid looking businesslike and ‘formal’.

When somebody likes you- and you like them- they are going to mirror your body language subconsciously. What happens in mirroring is the other person will mimic or copy your body language and movements.

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I have yet to meet a mother who isn’t willing to play matchmaker for her son. It might seem awkward, but take advantage of this. Let your mother, sisters, cousins, sister-in-laws – pretty much any woman in your family – know that you’re looking to meet a great girl and would appreciate any help they could provide.

If you find this happening to you, reframe the situation in your mind so that you feel flattered. You don’t have to marry the flatterer, date him, or give him your number. But you can be grateful that he has provided valuable feedback that you are attractive. Use that knowledge to fuel your self-esteem and allure to even higher levels – where you start to attract attention from the men you do want to notice you.

Also – one of my other online is to make sure you write to a lot of people if you want to get a big response. Don’t just seek out 1 or 2 people you find attractive, write to them and sit back and wait. Make sure you contact enough people. This advice especially holds true for guys. You have to contact a lot of women to get a good amount of responses. A big mistake though is contacting a lot of people with a canned email. You have to write something specific. Take a look at their profile and write something pertaining particularly to their profile. For example, if he/she says that their favorite movie was Pulp Fiction, you may want to say something like, “I love Pulp Fiction too”.

When someone likes you they will usually preen themselves when you look their way, (brush their hair with their hands, adjust their clothes, touch their face, etc) in order to make themselves look better for you. This is done subconsciously and consciously as they want to appear more attractive to you. Classic mate attraction body language and a giveaway if you’re looking for it.

According to an MSNBC report that was conducted a few years ago, as many as 30% of online daters are married. Look for that telltale wedding band tan line, ask probing questions, and trust your gut. No one wants to waste time with someone who is unavailable.

One of the easiest ways to keep a woman’s attention locked on you is to get her caught up in a captivating story that you are telling her. As long as you are not a boring story teller, this usually works, because most people are going to want to hear the end of the story, they are not going to walk away in the middle of you telling it.

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